Our Christian Growth Seminars give an opportunity to hear from engaging speakers teaching biblical truth. The weekend features multiple sessions around a common theme aimed to equip Christians to practically live out their faith.


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  • Have you ever found it difficult to love like Jesus?

    Is love something people just tend to fall in and out of over time?

    How we love one another matters to the Lord.

    While most Christians recognize the need for Christlike love, they will also admit how challenging it is to love like this. Dr. Nicolas Ellen presents biblical, practical ways to love including sessions on The Significance of Love

    Loving People in the Midst of SufferingLove Believes All Things, and Loving Difficult People.

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    Dr. Ellen also preached two messages on Sunday, October 1st. You can view those messages on our sermons page (use the "Speaker" drop down to filter to messages by "Dr. Nicolas Ellen".

  • Behold the Lamb of God: A Seminar on the Passion Week of Jesus is a deliberate, detailed and devotional study of the last days of Jesus’ mortal life. The passion week, the pivot point on which all of human history turns, is at once the most awful and the most blessed week in all of human history.

    The events of that week are carefully traced and theological considerations central to the narrative are discussed, with special attention to what the Scriptures have to say concerning the Person of Jesus Christ.

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  • Most Christians fall into one of two main problems when it comes to work: Either they are idle at work, or they make an idol of work. Both of these mindsets – idleness in work and idolatry of work — are deadly misunderstandings of how God intends for us to think about our jobs. During The Gospel & Work Sebastian Traeger unpacks the powerful way in which the gospel can transform our work and bring meaning and purpose to it.

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  • For both our children and us, the heart, with its passions and desires, sets the course of life. Every drive for meaning and significance originates in the heart. You and your kids are heart driven. The things you give your heart to set the course of life for you. We must connect the hearts of God’s people to the power and grace of the gospel. The temptation when things have gone wrong is to correct behavior. We instinctively see behavior as the problem. That’s because we see behavior. We hear behavior. Behavior requires a response. Once we have made behavior the focus in correction and discipline, we open ourselves up to all the tricks and tools parents use to manage behavior. But when we head down the behavior management road, two things happen. We miss the heart and we miss the gospel. We forget that the heart is the wellspring of behavior. We miss the gospel because behaviorism by-passes the heart. Behaviorism focuses on behavior rather than the desires, fears, idols or passions of the heart. If we remember that behavior mirrors the heart, then the route to lasting change for both our children and ourselves is the grace and power of the gospel.

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  • There is so much in our world today that threatens to worry, frighten, or demoralize us. In the midst of a global pandemic, political strife, and ongoing challenges at home it can seem impossible to maintain our sanity, much less our joy.  But this is ultimately nothing new. Regardless of our challenging circumstances, the Gospel still holds the same power and hope as it did on the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection. Author and speaker Jared Wilson unpacks the glorious power of the Gospel and as we seek to find a renewed sense of hope by fixing our eyes on eternity.

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  •  How People Change is an exciting and practical course designed to help you understand the biblical process of change. Study the intricacies of the human heart and see the beauty of the gospel that transforms daily life in a real and tangible way. In depth biblical discipleship is about relationships - with God and with others. How People Change will give you the tools to understand the change process in your own life and be better able to help others experience spiritual growth in their lives. Look at your own heart through the lens of God’s Word and learn to rely more on God’s many forms of grace.