Most Christians fall into one of two main problems when it comes to work:

either they are idle at work, or they make an idol of work.


Both of these mindsets – idleness in work and idolatry of work — are deadly misunderstandings of how God intends for us to think about our jobs. Sebastian Traeger unpacks the powerful way in which the gospel can transform our work and bring meaning and purpose to it.



Sebastian Traeger grew up in a broken home in the Philadelphia area. While at Princeton University (1992–1996), God changed his heart the summer after his freshman year through the ministry of Cru. That summer, while reading through the Bible, he came to understand the gospel, and repented of his sin and believed in the person and work of Jesus. God also gave him a heart for ministry: beginning his sophomore year, he started a Bible study, which God blessed with friendships, spiritual growth, and conversions.


After graduating, Sebastian moved to Washington, D.C. to work in the business world. He began attending Capitol Hill Baptist, which became his church family for nearly two decades. While there, he served in various capacities, including as an elder. During his time at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, he also met his wife Nikki. They have now been married for 16+ years and have four children.


Sebastian is the co-author of The Gospel at Work: How the Gospel Gives New Purpose and Meaning to Our Jobs (Zondervan, 2014) and is a former Executive Vice President of the International Mission Board. He currently owns a small business and serves on several boards.