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Life is all about relationships. As our church grows, we do not want our members to grow apart. For that reason connecting people is one of our primary aims. Through a variety of small groups and ministries, we seek to foster genuine relationships for everyone in this local body.

We hope you will find your ministry of interest here, but if not, give us a call. If the ministry that interests you isn't featured on the website, just ask us about it; we are always open (and hopeful) to see God open new doors and create new opportunities for fellowship, service, and outreach.

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Sunday School

Sunday School Classes meet downstairs at 9 am on Sunday Mornings. These classes offer a smaller setting to learn from Scriptures and build community with other believers. Regular classes study through books of the bible. Periodic classes focus on topical issues relevant to the Christial life. More details on Church Center. Greeters in the lobby can help you find your way. 

Classes are occasionally cancelled for special Sundays such as Family Sundays or holidays.

  • Senior Adult Sunday School Class

    Though this class is home for many of our senior adults, it boasts a wide range of age and stage-of-life demographics, from retirees to college students.

    Meets weekly at 9am downstairs in the Conference Center

  • The Bereans Sunday School Class

    This class takes its name from Acts 17:11 where we learn the Bereans "received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so."

    Meets weekly at 9am downstairs in Room B2

  • The Fellowship Class

    Adults of all ages find community in the Fellowship class as they open God's Word together.

    Meets weekly at 9am downstairs in room A7

  • Reverb (Youth Sunday School)

    Junior High & High School students meet together in the youth areas on Sunday mornings to study God's Word and enjoy some breakfast snacks.

    Meets weekly at 9am downstairs in the youth area

  • Children's Sunday School

    Children through sixth grade meet in age specific classes to see and understand the living Bible. 

    Meets weekly at 9am in the Children's Wing

  • Nursery

    Drop your birth through 3 year-old child off at their age appropriate room and trust that your child will be cared for and loved during his or her time with us while being taught Scripture-based lessons.

    Available weekly at 9am in the Children's Wing

Periodic classes offer a study into specific topics relevant to the Christian life. See what's coming up next on Church Center.

  • Biblical Principles of Parenting

    Parenting is difficult, but it doesn't have to be confusing. Biblical Principles of Parenting is a 10 session Sunday School class designed to encourage and establish parents seeking to raise children in a way that honors Christ. Consider the current culture and challenges that affect the Christian home and gain practical insight and guidance based on the authority of Scripture.

  • Fundamentals of the Faith

    For new believers, those new to intentionally studying the Bible, or those just looking for a refresher in apologetics. The Fundamentals of the Faith Sunday School Class examines what the Bible is, what it says, and why we should hold fast to what it teaches.

  • Counseling for Community

    Essential to every healthy church community is a culture where members proactively build up fellow believers and help them apply the Christian faith to everyday challenges. This class focuses on the topic of biblical counseling and the role it plays in our calling as Christians in the local church.

  • Starting Point Class

    The "Starting Point" class digs into the doctrine and theology of The Chapel, who we are as a body, and what membership looks like. This class serves as a great introduction to The Chapel for new attenders, and is a required step for membership at The Chapel.

Small groups

Small groups provide learning opportunities, support, accountability, fellowship, and allow us to do 'life' together. They offer a more intimate setting to study the Bible and ask questions. Through these groups, we seek God to transform our lives.

Small Groups meet from September through May. Go to Church Center for more information about joining a small group.

2023 Fall groups will be studying Kingdom Stories: A Study of Jesus' Parables. The parables of Jesus are simultaneously familiar yet widely misunderstood by many today. At a surface level, these stories engage audiences with characters and events that spoke to the crowds who witnessed Jesus' earthly ministry and still speak in our modern context today. Yet, as you dig a bit deeper, you see that these stories contain truths far deeper than what initially meets the eye. As we walk through the parables of Jesus in our Small Groups Ministry this semester, we will seek to dig into these stories and discover the lessons they offer about God, God's Kingdom, and God's People.