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Supper Clubs

Through Supper Club participation, we gather in small groups to get to know each other better and share a simple meal. Much like the early church did as seen in Acts 2:42.

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

We are a large and busy church. One of the joys and challenges of that is there is always someone new to meet. Our Supper Clubs foster opportunities to make friends with other people outside of our usual circles.

Groups form in the summer each year and meet in the fall and spring. Registration for supper clubs typically begins in August each year.

Read on below for some frequently asked questions

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  • The goal of Supper Club is to promote fellowship and connectedness within the church as well as to offer an open door to invite visitors into our fellowship. Supper Club is an avenue for the expression of, not only enjoyable, lighthearted and godly conversation, but also Christian hospitality. It’s great for newcomers to build relationships outside Sunday mornings.

  • The only agenda is to get to know one another better and share food and fellowship. There is no program – just dinner, hospitality, and conversation. There is one requirement – show courtesy to your host family by giving them an RSVP.

  • All who attend Cape Bible Chapel (members and visitors) are invited to participate! Options for families with kids are available as well.

  • Everyone who has signed up will be assigned to a Supper Club of 6-8 other folks. The goal is for each group to get together monthly. Each time, one individual or family agrees to host. The group decides whether they prefer to meet in hosts homes, have hosts prepare the meal, host prepare the entrée and others bring sides (salad, sides, dessert, beverages, etc.), make the whole event a potluck, go to a restaurant – Dutch. The point is to make the event each month one you all enjoy together. Each group may get as creative as they want to be: themes, games, etc. You decide.

  • When you sign up, there is a place to indicate days you simply cannot participate. A coordinator will be selected from each group and will reach out to the group by email or phone, and figure out the best day, time, and place for the group to first meet. There are some online sites, such as perfectpotluck.com or needtomeet.com, which might be helpful tools for scheduling.

  • There is a place to list all your dietary restrictions on the registration form. Your Supper Club will be informed of your needs and will work to make sure there are options for you.

  • Sure! Get creative. Just make sure the alternative plan works for the whole group.

  • This is rare, but it does happen once in a while. In order to mitigate calendar stress, please be as detailed as possible when providing your “Avoid Dates” in the registration form. Coordinators will do their best to accommodate everyone’s schedules, but occasionally the Supper Club may have to move forward with a date even if it does not work for everyone.

  • The goal is to keep the groups to no more than 10 people. If your group is smaller than 10 and new folks express an interest, we may contact your group about welcoming a new participant

  • There is a place to indicate that on the registration form, and you can work with your Supper Club to figure out transportation.