Ladies Fall Retreat

October 13-15

Our hope for this weekend is that women will strive to be intentional in praying for one another, studying the Word together, building relationships, and resting together. This year we'll be studying from the book of James.


Cost is $125 per person and includes meals, lodging, and a t-shirt.

Meals and lodging will be provided by Pinecrest. Ladies of all ages are invited.

Mom’s may use their discretion for young ladies 14 years and older and must be accompanied by mom.

Carpool information: The planning team will not be coordinating carpooling this year. If you would like to spend the afternoon at Pinecrest, a group will leave from the Chapel parking lot at noon on Friday. This group will be stopping for lunch, which is not included in the registration fee. Feel free to coordinate carpools and departure times on your own. Just make sure you are there at 5:30, in time for dinner.


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