Supper Clubs

Scripture shows us many examples of the love of Christ for others and His care by breaking bread with them...

"Soon Levi held a banquet in his home with Jesus as the guest of honor.  Many of Levi's fellow tax collectors and other guests were there. " Luke 5:29

"But Jesus said, 'You feed them.' Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward heaven, and asked God's blessing on the food.  Breaking the loaves into pieces, he kept giving the bread and fish to the disciples to give to the people." Luke 9:13, 16

One of the joys and challenges of being a large and busy church is that there is always someone new to meet.  Our Supper Clubs foster opportunities to make friends with people outside our usual social circles by sharing the fellowship of a simple meal.

Read more about Supper Clubs in our brochure or register online.