men's ministry

Stubborn. Hard-headed. Domineering. These and other even harsher adjectives could readily be assigned to many men (and no, we didn't ask wives for these). Here at The Chapel we want Proverbs 1:5 men: those who will show up and share, listen, and learn, and then take those lessons into their jobs, their homes, and their community.  The men's ministry exists to have iron sharpen iron (sometimes via dodgeball) and see men who become better fathers, loving husbands, and more like Christ. Contact the office at 573-334-5948 for Men's Ministry queries.

Manly Men Meals

A meal, talk, and teaching FOR MEN ONLY.  Periodically throughout the year, men are invited to The Chapel for Manly Men Meals after work.  It's a come-as-you-are event and men are encouraged to bring friends and neighbors.

Joshua's men

Weekly Bible tudy for men college-age and up.  Provides a forum for real connection with each other and scripture. Find out more HERE.

men's retreat

This special time exists each year to separate the men from the . . . well, the women. The weekend is jammed with activity designed by men, for men, to strengthen a man's walk with God..