Chapel Directory

The Chapel Photo Directory is available as a free app for your mobile device or you can access it online. You can also request a paper copy or a pdf by calling The Chapel office. 

The app features color photos of members and friends and is searchable by first or last name. You can also call or email an individual with a couple of clicks - no need to write out an email address or jot down a phone number.

Step-by-step instructions for Android/Kindle devices

Step-by-step instructions for iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices

Your email address must be listed in our directory in order to access. If your email isn't in our directory, call The Chapel office at 573-334-5948 and we can add it (or update it) at any time. A great benefit to this directory is that we can easily keep all of your information current.

To protect your information, you will need to register each device separately and directories can't be shared. Only email addresses listed within the directory will be allowed access to the directory.